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Radiative Transfer in the Vicinity of Accreting Neutron Stars – Polarized Emission in Strong Magnetic Fields
Ekaterina Sokolova-Lapa, 2023 November (dissertation)

Dark matter decay feature search toward the Galactic bulge and halo
Katharina Egg, 2023 September (master’s thesis)

eROSITA X-ray Analysis of the PeVatron Candidate Westerlund 1
Konstantin Haubner, 2023 September (master’s thesis)

Cosmic ray data in eROSITA
Selina Nöcker, 2023 May (project)

X-ray Study of the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
Martin Reh, 2023 February (bachelor’s thesis)

Hot subluminous stars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Search for radial velocity variables
Philipp Jeßberger, 2023 January (bachelor’s thesis)


Temporal variation of the earth’s magnetic field
Nina Grabmann, 2022 November (bachelor’s thesis)

Young Stellar Objects around Supernova Remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Katharina Jurk, 2022 October (bachelor’s thesis)

Kinematic Analysis of faint blue stars in the MMT HVS survey
Sebastian Weich, 2022 October (bachelor’s thesis)

Analysing spectra of X-ray active black hole binaries using empirical models
David Horn, 2022 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Outflows in Starburst Galaxies
Saurabh Mittal, 2022 September (master’s thesis)

A multi-wavelength perspective on gamma-ray flaring blazars
Andrea Gokus, 2022 August (dissertation)

Fundamental Analysis of Hot Subdwarf Stars in the Gaia Era
David Schneider, 2022 August (dissertation)

Simulations of the Galactic Center for Athena
Matthias Rohe, 2022 August (bachelor’s thesis)

Search for X-ray Emission from SN1885A in M31
Marie Prucker, 2022 July (bachelor’s thesis)

From Supernova Remnants to Large Scale Collisions – A Comprehensive Study of the Hot Phase of the Interstellar Medium
Jonathan Knies, 2022 June (dissertation)

Cataloging and X-ray spectral analysis of supernova remnants in the M83 galaxy
Maximilian Schroth, 2022 May (bachelor’s thesis)


Analysis of Black Hole Reflection Spectra with Generalized Corona Geometries
Jacob Rose, 2021 November (master’s thesis)

eROSITA’s View on 1H 0707-495 and the Near-Real-Time Analysis Pipeline
Philipp Weber, 2021 November (master’s thesis)

Modelling Pulse Profiles of Accreting Neutron Stars: Studying the Dependence on Geometrical Parameters and the Emission Profile
Lucia Härer, 2021 September (project)

X-ray observations of GX 301-2
Nicolas Zalot, 2021 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Studying X-ray variability of black holes with excess variance spectra
Lucia Härer, 2021 August (master’s thesis)

Elemental abundances of sdB-Stars as benchmark for diffusion models
Lars Möller, 2021 July (master’s thesis)

Early-type stars as tracers of stellar (binary) evolution and violent ejection events
Andreas Irrgang, 2021 June (habilitation)

Study of Globular Cluster Sources using eRASS1 data
Roman Laktionov, 2021 April (bachelor’s thesis)

eROSITA All-Sky Survey 1: Study of the Canis Major Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
Theresa Heindl, 2021 April (bachelor’s thesis)

Quantitative analysis of Run-away B-stars
Markus Dimpel, 2021 March (master’s thesis)

X-ray spectroscopy of X-ray binaries
Ralf Ballhausen, 2021 March (dissertation)

Revisiting the MMT HVS survey
Simon Kreuzer, 2021 March (dissertation)


The predictive power of convolutional neural networks in Astrophysics as a discovery tool
Jonas Geyer-Ramsteck, 2020 August (master’s thesis)

Investigation of the Supernova Remnants 1006 and N132D in prospect of the eROSITA mission
Melanie Lang, 2020 May (master’s thesis)

X-ray Source Population Studies of Cen A (NGC 5128) with Chandra Data
Katharina Egg, 2020 May (bachelor’s thesis)

Analysis of Structures in the Magellanic Clouds with Minkowski Tensors
Caroline Collischon, 2020 April (master’s thesis)

Photometric investigations of hot subdwarf stars
Jan Friedmann, 2020 April (master’s thesis)

Comparison of Gaussian and Poisson Statistics when fitting X-Ray Spectra using Observations of the Small Magellanic Cloud by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Florian Steynberg, 2020 January (bachelor’s thesis)

Quantitative spectral analyses of blue horizontal branch stars
Steven Hämmerich, 2020 January (master’s thesis)


A Chandra observation of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A
Eva Krämer, 2019 December (project)

Relativistic Reflection – A Generalization of the Lamp Post Model
Stefan Licklederer, 2019 November (master’s thesis)

NuSTAR, Swift, and NICER observations of Cen X–3
Philipp Thalhammer, 2019 November (master’s thesis)

Physical Characterization of Interstellar Shocks
Konstantin Haubner, 2019 October (bachelor’s thesis)

Modenanalyse des pulsierenden SPB Sterns 18 Peg
Eva von Gemünden, 2019 September (teacher’s thesis)

Pulse Profiles of Accreting Neutron Stars at Low Accretion Rates
Lucia Härer, 2019 September (bachelor’s thesis)

High precision calibration in X-ray spectroscopy
Jakob Stierhof, 2019 September (master’s thesis)

Extension of Upper Limit Servers and spectral analysis of GRO J1744−28
Ole König, 2019 July (master’s thesis)

X-ray Observations of Black Holes
Maria Hirsch, 2019 May (dissertation)

Towards a new Analysis of the Super Star Cluster Westerlund 1
Jacqueline Catalano, 2019 March (master’s thesis)

The chemical composition of hot compact stars
Matti Dorsch, 2019 March (master’s thesis)

NuSTAR observations of 4U 0115+63
Katrin Berger, 2019 February (bachelor’s thesis)


An Infrared Survey Of Supernova Remnants In The Small Magellanic Cloud
Christopher Ingenhütt, 2018 November (bachelor’s thesis)

Hot subdwarfs stars in the Gaia era: A kinematic analysis
Jasmina Henderson, 2018 November (master’s thesis)

The Cosmic Ray Background at L2 as Seen in Gaia Observations
Christian Kirsch, 2018 October (master’s thesis)

Kinematic Analysis of white dwarfs based on Gaia astrometry
Markus Dimpel, 2018 October (bachelor’s thesis)

X-Ray Analysis of YSO candidates near SNR HB9
Kyle Marshall, 2018 September (master’s thesis)

Quantitative Spektralanalyse unterleuchtkräftiger Hypervelocity-Kandidaten
Lars Möller, 2018 August (bachelor’s thesis)

Modeling X-ray pulsars in curved space-time
Sebastian Falkner, 2018 July (dissertation)

Evolutionary fingerprints on the chemical composition of He-sdO stars
Markus Schindewolf, 2018 June (dissertation)

Spectroscopic and photometric analysis of eclipsing close sdB binaries
Maximilian Wolz, 2018 April (master’s thesis)

Spectroscopy of A-type-stars
Christian Heuser, 2018 March (dissertation)


Hypervelocity Stars – Kinematic studies of low-mass stars and hot subdwarfs
Eva Ziegerer, 2017 December (dissertation)

The density in the accretion disk of the active galactic nucleus Arakelian 120: A Markov chain Monte Carlo analysis of relativistic reflections
Philipp Weber, 2017 November (bachelor’s thesis)

Smoothing of pulse periods caused by scattering of photons in cones of ultra luminous X-ray sources
Alexander Reichel, 2017 October (bachelor’s thesis)

MUSE spectroscopy of horizontal branch stars in the globular clusters ω Cen and NGC 6752
Steven Hämmerich, 2017 October (bachelor’s thesis)

Simulations of tidal disruption events for eROSITA
Melanie Lang, 2017 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Numerical Simulation of Transition-Edge Sensors
Maximilian Lorenz, 2017 September (master’s thesis)

Röntgenanalyse des Supernova-Überrests MCSNR J0527-7134
Erika Hahn, 2017 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Broadband Emission Processes of Active Galactic Nuclei
Andrea Gokus, 2017 September (master’s thesis)

Junge stellare Objekte in der W51C-Region
Jennifer Geyer, 2017 September (bachelor’s thesis)

The chemical composition of the He-enriched sdO-star HD 127493
Matti Dorsch, 2017 August (bachelor’s thesis)

Heating of the interstellar medium in the Small Magellanic Cloud by massive stars
Caroline Collischon, 2017 July (bachelor’s thesis)

Multiwavelength observations of Active Galactic Nuclei from the radio to the hard X-rays
Tobias Beuchert, 2017 June (dissertation)

Detector Simulations for the ATHENA X-ray Observatory
Thorsten Brand, 2017 May (dissertation)

Monte Carlo Simulation of Cyclotron Lines in Strong Magnetic Fields – Theory and Application
Fritz-Walter Schwarm, 2017 May (dissertation)

Quantitative Spektralanalyse von heißen Doppelsternen
Laura Federle, 2017 March (teacher’s thesis)

Die unterleuchtkräftigen O-Sterne HZ 44 und BD +75°325: Eine Radialgeschwindigkeitsstudie
Monika Schork, 2017 March (teacher’s thesis)

Benchmarking transition energies and emission strengths for X-ray astrophysics with measurements at the Livermore EBITs
Natalie Hell, 2017 March (dissertation)

Simulations for eROSITA: First impressions on the imaging properties
Margarita Behm, 2017 March (bachelor’s thesis)

Spectroscopic Analysis of the He3 Anomaly in B-Type Stars
David Schneider, 2017 February (master’s thesis)

Transient source detection and performance studies of eROSITA
Tobias Hain, 2017 February (master’s thesis)


Observations of Be X-ray Binaries: Spin Period and Spectral Evolution
Matthias Bissinger né Kühnel, 2016 October (dissertation)

Long term behaviour of the solar panels of INTEGRAL
Julian Heinz, 2016 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Spectral energy distribution of hot subdwarfs
Johannes Schaffenroth, 2016 September (master’s thesis)

Lamppost Source Height Measurements In unobscured Active Galactic Nuclei
Marco Fink, 2016 September (master’s thesis)

Modeling Pixel-Level Electrical Crosstalk for the AthenaX-IFU
Christian Kirsch, 2016 September (bachelor’s thesis)

PTF1 J011339.09+225739.1 – Spektroskopische und photometrische Analyse eines neuentdeckten HW Vir-Systems
Maximilian Wolz, 2016 July (teacher’s thesis)

Extreme Environments: From supermassive black holes to supernovae
Felicia Krauss, 2016 June (dissertation)

Spectral decomposition of hot subdwarf binaries
Simon Kreuzer, 2016 April (master’s thesis)

Transient-Searches for eROSITA: Performance-Studies
Andreas Berberich, 2016 March (bachelor’s thesis)


Swift and NuSTAR observations of XTE J1859+083
Jakob Stierhof, 2015 November (bachelor’s thesis)

Empirical and physical modelling of the accretion-powered X-ray pulsars KS 1947+300 and A 0535+262
Ralf Ballhausen, 2015 November (master’s thesis)

Astronomy in the late 19th century
Katharina Bick, 2015 October (bachelor’s thesis)

Analysis of low-mass and high-mass systems after the common-envelope phase
Veronika Katharina Schaffenroth, 2015 July (dissertation)

Multi-Epoch Millimeter VLBI Observations of the Twin-Jet System in NGC 1052
Anne-Kathrin Baczko, 2015 April (master’s thesis)

Hot subdwarfs – Small stars marking important events in stellar evolution
Stephan Geier, 2015 March (habilitation)

Lichtkurvenmodellierung des Mikrolinseneffekts in Doppelsternen mit kompakten Begleitern
Marc Schuster, 2015 March (bachelor’s thesis)

Quantitative Spektralanalyse von heißen Sternen im Sternhaufen NGC 3293
Jessica Wunder, 2015 March (teacher’s thesis)

Spektroskopische Suche nach Begleitern unterleuchtkräftiger heißer Sterne. Die sdO-Sterne BD+28°4211 und WD 1148-230
Leandra Fröhling, 2015 March (bachelor’s thesis)

Bayesian γ-ray Light Curve Analysis of TANAMI Sources
Christoph Bürkel, 2015 January (master’s thesis)


Effective temperatures and surface gravities of OB-stars derived from synthetic photometry
Simon Grosse-Holz, 2014 November (project)

PTF and EHT – Research on hot Subdwarf B stars
Markus Schindewolf, 2014 November (master’s thesis)

Relativistic Reflection around Black Holes: Theory and Observation
Thomas Dauser, 2014 October (dissertation)

New Developments and Techniques in Radio to X-ray Observataions of AGN
Christoph Grossberger, 2014 (dissertation)

Light curve cross correlations of gamma- and radio data of PKS 0537-441
Andrea Gokus, 2014 September (bachelor’s thesis)

High-Resolution Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei in the Southern Hemisphere
Cornelia Müller, 2014 September (dissertation)

Hypervelocity Candidates of G and K type: Classification of the Palladino et al. sample revised
Marco Volkert, 2014 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Origin of runaway OB stars
Andreas Irrgang, 2014 August (dissertation)

GX339-4: Spectral investigation of a black hole binary
Nico Wunderling, 2014 August (bachelor’s thesis)

Heisse unterleuchtkräftige Sterne: Klassifikation und Verifikation
Jan Friedmann, 2014 August (bachelor’s thesis)

X-ray analysis of Centaurus A
Christina Gräfe, 2014 April (bachelor’s thesis)

Eine Radialgeschwindigkeitsstudie des Röntgen-Doppelsterns BD +37° 442
David Schneider, 2014 March (bachelor’s thesis)

Die Kinematik der stellaren 8pc-Sonnenumgebung und ihre Implikationen
Sebastian Eichie, 2014 March (bachelor’s thesis)

Unevenly Spaced Time Series Analysis: GRS 1758-258
Maria Hirsch née Obst, 2014 January (master’s thesis)


A data analysis pipeline for the 26m Hartebeesthoek radio telescope
Thorsten Brand, 2013 December (master’s thesis)

Investigations of the long term variability of black hole binaries
Victoria Grinberg, 2013 November (dissertation)

Observations of the X-ray Pulsars XTE J1946+274, 4U 0115+634, and GX 304-1
Sebastian Müller, 2013 October (dissertation)

Impact of Extragalactic Sources on Galactic Stellar Trajectories
Marco Fink, 2013 October (bachelor’s thesis)

Scientific near real-time analysis software for eROSITA
Peter Friedrich, 2013 September (diploma thesis)

A search for HVS candidates via simulation of trajectories
Simon Kreuzer, 2013 September (bachelor’s thesis)

K alpha lines of the lower charge states of Argon
Andreas Wolf, 2013 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Reverberation Mapping of Flared Accreion Discs
Fabian Brod, 2013 September (diploma thesis)

Spectral and Timing analysis of the HMXB GX304-1 with Suzaku
Ralf Ballhausen, 2013 September (bachelor’s thesis)

A new HW Vir binary from the MUCHFUSS project; A quantitative analysis of optical spectra and lightcurves
Ingrid Barbu-Barna, 2013 August (bachelor’s thesis)

Simulation of Coded Mask Imaging
Mirjam Oertel, 2013 July (diploma thesis)

Light Bending around Neutron Stars
Sebastian Falkner, 2013 March (master’s thesis)

Multiwavelength Observations of TANAMI Sources
Felicia Krauss, 2013 March (master’s thesis)

Of Radio-Loud and Radio-Quiet AGN — Single Dish Radio Polarimetry and X-ray Variability Study of Polar Scattered Seyfert I Galaxies
Tobias Beuchert, 2013 March (master’s thesis)


Analysis of SDSS J125949.16+363036.3, a potential Hypervelocity Star
Andreas Finkler, 2012 October (project)

Radiative transport in strongly magnetized accretion columns
Maximilian Kriebel, 2012 October (diploma thesis)

Program for the combinatoric assignment of LS- and jj-coupling term symbols
Alexander Laska, 2012 October (bachelor’s thesis)

Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei from Radio to Gamma-rays
Moritz Böck, 2012 October (dissertation)

Calibration and imaging of GMVA observations of NGC1052
Anne Baczko, 2012 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Kinematische und Spektroskopische Analyse von Runaway-B-Sternen
Christian Heuser, 2012 August (diploma thesis)

Spectral classification of blue supergiants in M31
David Turban, 2012 August (project)

X-ray Telescopes in the Digital Lab: Instrument Performance Simulations
Christian Schmid, 2012 July (dissertation)

Monte Carlo simulations of X-ray absorption in the interstellar medium
Wiebke Eikmann, 2012 May (diploma thesis)

Binäre sdB Sterne mit substellaren Begleitern
Patrick Brünner, 2012 April (diploma thesis)

Massearme Begleiter von Subdwarf B-Sternen: spektroskopische und photometrische Untersuchung von vier Doppelsternen
Katrin Nagel, 2012 March (teacher’s thesis)

A survey of hot stars in the CoRoT anticentre fields: Classification and analysis of light curves and spectra
Raoul Gerber, 2012 February (diploma thesis)

Laboratory Astrophysics: Investigating the mystery of low charge states of Si and S in the HMXB Cyg X-1
Natalie Hell, 2012 February (master’s thesis)


Galactic Windmills – Spectroscopical and timing studies of three X-ray binaries
Felix Fürst, 2011 December (dissertation)

Observations of Compact Objects
Eugenia Litzinger, 2011 December (diploma thesis)

Wind Dynamics of Cygnus X-1
Andreas Glossner, 2011 October (project)

INTEGRAL Observations of the 2010 Cygnus X-1 Soft State
Alexander Popp, 2011 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Simulation of AGNs for eROSITA
Thorsten Brand, 2011 August (bachelor’s thesis)

RXTE Observations of GRS1758: Long-Term Variability of a Black Hole
Maria Obst, 2011 August (bachelor’s thesis)

Observing galaxy clusters with eROSITA: Simulations
Johannes Hölzl, 2011 July (diploma thesis)

Hypervelocity Sterne
Eva Ziegerer, 2011 May (diploma thesis)

Detector Performance of eROSITA
Michael Wille, 2011 April (diploma thesis)

Probing the Environment of Accreting Compact Objects
Manfred Hanke, 2011 April (dissertation)

Timing and spectral evolution of transient X-ray binaries
Matthias Kühnel, 2011 April (master’s thesis)

Suche nach substellaren Begleitern bei Hot Subdwarfs
Lew Classen, 2011 March (diploma thesis)


Theoretical Modeling of Broad Emission Lines
Thomas Dauser, 2010 December (diploma thesis)

High resolution VLBI observations of Centaurus A
Cornelia Müller, 2010 November (diploma thesis)

Subdwarf B-Sterne in Binärsystemen: Drei neue HW Vir-Typen und die Durchmusterung des CoRoT Anticenter-Feldes
Veronika Schaffenroth, 2010 October (diploma thesis)

Extreme Helium Stars: model atmospheres and a NLTE abundance analysis of BD+10°2179
Thomas Kupfer, 2010 October (diploma thesis)

Quantitative Spectroscopy of Galactic BA-type Supergiants
Markus Firnstein, 2010 September (dissertation)

Akkretierende Neutronensterne: Zeitliche Entwicklung der Pulsperiode von 4U 1907+09
Bastian Falkner, 2010 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Swift Observations of TANAMI Sources
Martina W. Müller, 2010 September (bachelor’s thesis)

Cyclotron resonant scattering features in the line forming region of highly magnetized neutron stars
Fritz-Walter Schwarm, 2010 September (diploma thesis)

Swift Observations of TANAMI Counterparts
Felicia Krauss, 2010 August (bachelor’s thesis)

Absorption dips in Cygnus X-1
Eckhard Strobel, 2010 August (bachelor’s thesis)

The Evolution of the South Atlantic Anomaly Measured by RHESSI
Natalie Hell, 2010 August (bachelor’s thesis)

Quantitative Spectroscopy of BA-type Supergiants in the Small Magellanic Cloud
Florian Schiller, 2010 July (dissertation)

Radio Observations of PKS 2155-304 with the 100-m Effelsberg radio telescope
Tobias Beuchert, 2010 July (bachelor’s thesis)

Broadband Variability of the Black Hole Candidate Cygnus X-1
Victoria Grinberg, 2010 June (diploma thesis)

Hyper-velocity Stars – a spectroscopic and kinematic study of blue stars
Alfred Tillich, 2010 April (dissertation)

Absorption dips in Cygnus X-1
Eckhard Strobel, 2010 April (project)

Theoretical Modelling of Relativistic Iron Lines
Thomas Dauser, 2010 January (project)


Spectroscopy of the Runaway B-Star HIP 60350
Andreas Irrgang, 2009 November (diploma thesis)

Die heißen unterleuchtkräftigen Doppelsternsysteme AA Doradus, HD 49798 und PG 1232-136
Sebastian Müller, 2009 November (diploma thesis)

Image Reconstruction Software for Near-Field Coded Mask Instruments
Daniel Michalik, 2009 September (diploma thesis)

Constraint-Based Reverse Engineering and its Applications in Astrophysics
Johannes Bauer, 2009 August (diploma thesis)

Hot subluminous stars: On the Search for Chemical Signatures of their Genesis
Heiko A. Hirsch, 2009 July (dissertation)

Hot Subdwarf Stars in Close-up View: Orbits, Rotation, Abundances and Masses of their Unseen Companions
Stephan Geier, 2009 March (dissertation)

Timing Analysis of the Accreting X-Ray Binary Cygnus X-1
Stefan Pirner, 2009 March (diploma thesis)


Run-away Stars
Andreas Irrgang, 2008 November (project)

Heiße unterleuchtkräftige Sterne mit kühlem Begleiter
Viktoria Lohmann, 2008 November (diploma thesis)

Spectral-Temporal Correlations in the X-ray Emission of Cygnus X-1
Moritz Böck, 2008 October (diploma thesis)

RXTE Observations of MXB 0656-072
Thomas Dauser, 2008 October (project)

Harmonic Cyclotron Resonance Scattering Feature in the X-Ray Spectrum of 4U 0115+63
Julia Schmid, 2008 October (project)

Massive Stars as Tracers for Stellar & Galactochemical Evolution
Norbert Przybilla, 2008 September (habilitation)

Investigations of the SAA and the long-time behavior of Vela X-1
Felix Fürst, 2008 September (diploma thesis)

Simulation of the imaging and detection properties of the eROSITA experiment on Spectrum-X-Gamma
Christian Schmid, 2008 August (diploma thesis)

Zyklotronlininen – ein RXTE-Sample
Christian Grämer, 2008 April (teacher’s thesis)

X-ray spectra of the accreting neutron star 4U 1907+09
Stefanie Roth, 2008 April (teacher’s thesis)


Rotationsgeschwindigkeiten Weißer Zwerge aus dem ESO SPY-Survey
Christian Schmitt, 2007 October (diploma thesis)

Photometric and spectroscopic analysis of extragalactic early-type eclipsing binaries
Stefan Nesslinger, 2007 August (dissertation)

High-resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of the Black Hole Cygnus X-1 with the Chandra X-ray Observatory
Manfred Hanke, 2007 July (diploma thesis)

Quantitative Spectroscopy of OB stars. Hydrogen, Helium and Carbon
Maria Fernanda Nieva, 2007 May (dissertation)

Optical Variability of Hercules X-1/HZ Herculis
Matthias Aicher, 2007 March (project)

Investigating the continuum spectrum of Cygnus X-1: a joint fit of Chandra and RXTE data
Clemens Bauer, 2007 March (project)

Variability of Cygnus X-1 – Spectral evolution 2005
Moritz Böck, 2007 March (project)

The magnetic field of 4U 0115+63
Melanie Pfeuffer, 2007 March (project)

Coded Masks – a simulation of an astronomical γ-ray detector
Christian Schmid, 2007 March (project)


Kinematik Weißer Zwerge aus dem SPY-Projekt
Roland Richter, 2006 October (diploma thesis)

Hypervelocity Stars
Manfred Hanke, 2006 September (project)

Zeitaufgelöste Spektroskopie des multiperiodisch pulsierenden Sterns PG1605+072
Alfred Tillich, 2006 August (diploma thesis)

Quantitative Spektroskopie von Deneb
Florian Schiller, 2006 March (diploma thesis)

Heiße unterleuchtkräftige Sterne aus dem Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Heiko Hirsch, 2006 February (diploma thesis)

CNO-Elementmischung in BA-Typ-Überriesen
Markus Firnstein, 2006 January (diploma thesis)


3D-Kinematik von unterleuchtkräftigen B-Sternen
Jasmin Löbl, 2005 October (teacher’s thesis)

KPD 1930+2752 als Supernova Ia Vorläuferkandidat
Stephan Geier, 2005 August (diploma thesis)


White dwarf and hot subdwarf binaries as possible progenitors of type I a Supernovae
Christian Karl, 2004 July (dissertation)


Heiße unterleuchtkräftige Sterne aus dem SPY-Projekt
Thorsten Lisker, 2003 August (diploma thesis)

Spectroscopic analyses of subluminous B stars: observational constraints for the theory of stellar evolution, pulsation, and diffusion
Heinz Edelmann, 2003 July (dissertation)


Hot Stars in Globular Clusters
Sabine Moehler, 2000 (habilitation)