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1st SIXTE Workshop (20.-21. April 2016, IRAP)

On the 20. until 21. April 2016 the first SIXTE workshop took place in Toulouse, with a focus on Athena WFI and X-IFU simulations. The following talks were presented at the 1st SIXTE workshop. In addition to the simulator manual (see above), these talks give valuable information on mainly Athena WFI and X-IFU simulations and their setup.

  • End-to-end introduction (J. Wilms): talk
  • SIXTE implementation of the WFI (T. Dauser): talk
  • SIXTE implementation of the X-IFU (P. Peille): talk
  • Bright Sources Capabilities of the WFI (T. Dauser): talk
  • Tessim Simulations (J. Wilms): talk
  • X-IFU Bright Source Studies (P. Peille): talk
  • XML-files and Other Missions (J. Wilms): talk