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Example Source Files

In the following a list of examples of more complicated SIMPUT files is given. You are free to use them, but note that credits for creating them go to the SIXTE Software team and note also the reference to the data given below for each case.

In order use these SIMPUT files, download the files at the given link and extract them with:

   tar xfz your_filename.tgz

Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS)


Note that there are several catalogue files (see below for a list and explanation of each file) and additional files needed by these catalogues. Each of the catalogue files

  • CDFS_cat_lehmer.fits: Chandra sources from (Lehmer+2011)
  • CDFS_cat_galaxies.fits: Background galaxy clusters (Finoguenov+2015)
  • CDFS_cat_diffuse.fits: Diffuse Background (Finoguenov+2015)
  • CDFS_lissajous_80ksec.att: Attitude file with 80 ksec Lissajous pattern (A. Rau, priv. comm.) 

Crab Nebula


This simput file crab.simput contains the full Crab nebula and the point source in the middle with their respective spectra. The pulsations are also included. 

Athena Crab Point Source


This simput file athenacrab_flux0001000muCrab.simput contains the standard Athena crab point source as defined and used in the WFI and X-IFU Bright Source Report. In this case the flux is 1mCrab. 

Rosat All-Sky Survey Catalog (1RXS)


Simput file rass.simput of the first Rosat X-ray all-sky survey (1RXS) containing 124731 point sources detected by ROSAT. Each source has a simple absorbed power law spectrum. 

Rosat Soft X-ray Diffuse Background


The ROSAT Soft X-ray Diffuse Background put into a SIMPUT file (image data taken from Snowden et al, 1997), created for the Sixte publication (Dauser et al., 2019).

Cas A


Simput file showing the extended emission of the Supernove Remnant Cassiopeia A, using Chandra data as input. 

30 Doradus, 30 Doradus C and a field scan of the LMC

SIMPUT created by C. Maitra (, images taken from CXO repository for the energy bands 0.4-1 keV, 1-2 keV, 2-3 keV, spectral model from Y. Cheng et al., MNRAS 504, 2. 2021



Field in LMC centred around RA=82.557427 Dec=-69.11386 with AGN, non-active galaxies and cluster of galaxies (credit: C. Maitra, P. Maggi):





Background: Galactice Ridge X-ray Emission


The file grxe.simput contains information about the Galactic ridge X-ray emission according to Revnivtsev+2006 and Türler+2010. It is accompanied by the files grxe_spec.fits and grxe_maps.fits, which contain the spectra and images. 

Background: AGN List (3 deg cone)


This SIMPUT file is provided by Nicolas Clerk. It was produced from a simulation of AGN under the following conditions:

  • 42 < log10(LX[0.5-2])<48
  • 0 < z < 5
  • uniform spatial random distribution of sources in a cone of 3.4 deg (leading to 100.000 sources)

Importantly, the sources in this file are centered on RA=35.5 and Dec=-4.5. In order to rotate them to the position you would like to simulate, you need to use the simput_rotate tool. In order to rotate it to RA=0.0 Dec=0.0, the command would be

  simputrotate \
      Infile=agnlist_clerk_3deg.simput \
      Outfile=agnlist_clerk_3deg_Ra0Dec0.simput \
      C1_RA=35.5   C1_Dec=-4.5 \
      C2_RA=0. C2_Dec=0

Galactic Center from Chandra catalog (2×0.8 deg2 based on Muno et al., ApJS 181, 110, 2009)


This SIMPUT file is provided by Matthias Rohe. It is based on the Chandra catalog by Muno et al., 2009, and contains 9017 sources in a 2deg x 0.8deg field. Spectra were assigned to each source based on their hardness ratios. More information can be found in this thesis.