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Please download the most recent versions of SIMPUT and SIXTE here:




Last Changes

02 March 2023

11 Oct 2022

To run simulations with SIXTE, please also download the most recent instrument files.

Installing SIMPUT and SIXTE

How to install the software is shown on the following pages, depending on the operating system:

If you are using SIXTE for the first time, or quickly want to check if your setup is working, we recommend to use the Quick Start tutorial, provided here. For a more detailed tutorial, please take a look at the manual (can be downloaded from here).

SIXTE on SciServer

SIXTE is also available on SciServer. Detailed instructions on how to run simulations on the platform can be found in the Sixte on SciServer User Guide.

Mailing Lists

Receiving Updates and Bugfixes

In order to stay updated on new developments and bugfixes, we recommend that you subscribe to our sixte-users maillinglist. You can subscribe by filling out the form here.


Questions and bugfixes can be directed to