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In the following a short list of the most important software we develop is given. A full list of git archives showing the most recent development versions of the software can be found here.


Interactive-Spectral-Interpretation-System (ISIS)

The ISIS software is frequently used for X-ray data analysis software. It is being developed by the MIT and further information can be at their homepage. In order to provide a larger suite of high-level functions to this software, we started the “The Remeis ISISscripts”, which by now contains a large collection of useful ISIS functions. These functions range from general SLang functions for array manipulation or adaptive integration routines, to parallel fitting functions (together with the Remeis SLmpi module) or powerful plotting routines. More information and an explanation on how to download these scripts can be found on our isisscripts-homepage.

The SIXTE end-to-end simulator

The end-to-end simulator SIXTE is developed here for simulating the detector performance of future X-ray missions. Currently most development is done for Athena and eROSITA. The software is written in C, with contributions from different people and institutes. A full description of the simulator can be found on the dedicated homepage.

SIXTE-Simulation of M82 with the Athena X-IFU (Credits: Thomas Dauser and Athena X-IFU Team)

Near Real-Time Analysis Software (NRTA) for eROSITA