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Computing Resources

The observatory uses a typical client server system such that all data is stored on large disks and accessed via network file system (NFS). All machines (servers and clients) run Linux and are connected via gigabit ethernet.  The observatory has about 40 workplaces plus about 20 special workplaces for the student lab and experiments.

For file serving and CPU intensive jobs the observatory has 7 servers and 12 computing workstations. The file servers have a total capacity exceeding 200 TB. All server disks are setup as  RAID to avoid losing data in case of a hard disk failure. For computing not only 3 compute servers (with 144 computing nodes and more than 500 GB of RAM), but also 12 computing workstations (96 nodes and 96 GB of RAM) are available. In addition all more powerful desktop machines can be used to some extent. Computing jobs are automatically distributed in the cluster by a batch system.