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Arrival by car

  1. Coming from South (Erlangen/Nuremberg, A73)
    Exit at “Bamberg Süd”
    At second traffic light, turn left ( Forchheimer Strasse, -> Klinikum)
    At second traffic light, turn left (Münchner Ring, -> Klinikum, Würzburg B22)
    Continue with 3.
  2. Coming from North (A70)
    Exit A70 at “Bamberg Zentrum”
    Follow Berliner Ring southbound ~4km
    At y-intersection, continue right (Münchner Ring, -> Klinkum, Würzburg B22)
    Continue with 3.
  3. From Münchner Ring
    Follow Münchner Ring crossing the river and beyond the next traffic light
    After ~800m there is a pedestrian bridge crossing the street. Below that bridge, take the unsigned exit on the right (Schellenberger Strasse)
    Follow Schellenberger Strasse until the end, then turn right into Oberer Stephansberg
    Follow the street downhill, turn right at the first possibility (Sternwartstrasse)
    Follow Sternwartstrasse uphill towards the observatory
  4. Parking is available behind the observatory, either use the gate on the left of the observatory’s main building, or use the left hand gate at the end of Sternwartstrasse, drive uphill until the pavement changes to gravel and park. Do not park on the side of the yellow “Bundschuh-Haus”! Alternatively you can park on the Sternwartstrasse, but note that parking is time limited and only possible on the right hand side of the road (facing upwards).

Arrival by train/bus (Bamberg Central Station)

  1. Walking from the station to the observatory takes you ~30 min. Ask for “Spezikeller”, which is right next to the observatory and much better known.
  2. You can shorten your walk taking the bus:
    Cross the street in front of the station building and turn right to the bus stop
    Take any bus to the central bus station (ZOB). If you are lucky, you can go on directly from there, but probably you have to change. Attention: Buses change their line number at the ZOB!
    Take one of the lines 901, 908, 912, 937 to “Schulplatz”. From here you have to walk (~8 min)
    Cross the street “Unterer Kaulberg” and the small parking lot and enter the small street “Hölle” (which is blocked for cars).
    Keep walking straight (Untere Seelgasse)  until you’ve walked uphill to a T-crossing
    Turn right into Oberer Stephansberg.
    After about 15m, at the pedestrian crossing at the brewery turn left into the Sternwartstrasse and follow the road uphill to the observatory