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The Remeis Observatory hosts two stationary reflecting telescopes in its domes, the 50cm EHTand the 40cm CHT  as well as a solar H alpha telescope with a DMK Video camera (see the corresponding pages for details). For both telescopes additional instruments like cameras and spectrographs are available:

  • BIG STX 16803 CCD camera (only @ EHT)
  • SBIG STL 11000M
  • SBIG St-i Guider
  • Planetary camera
  • Canon EOS 1000dA
  • BACHES spectrograph
  • several eyepieces

At the moment, both telescopes are mainly used for educational purposes, i.e., during the lab course. An exception is the MAPLE project, a small scientific observing campaign conducted with the EHT.

We also operate a small weather station for the local sky conditions together with an all sky camera here!