Sunday (Dr. Remeis-Sternwarte: 18h00-21h00)
18h00Registration & Snacks
19h00Tour of observatory and its plate archive
Monday (Conference venue): 9h00 – 18h30Time (min)
9h35RappDigital Transformation of Cultural Heritage: Exploring and Curating Historical Resources25
10h00HudecAstronomical Photographic Archives: Past, Present, Future25
10h25GriffinMaking Full Use of Astronomy's Rich Photographic Heritage20
10h45GeffertThe photographic heritage of astronomy in Bonn20
11h05Coffee & Posters
11h30SamusSternberg Astronomical Institute’s plate collection: the present and future of its scientific use20
11h50NesciRecords from the past: variable stars from the Asiago plate archive20
12h10ImadudinPhotographic plate archives at Bosscha Observatory20
14h30Heber/GrooteThe APPLAUSE-Projekt: The plate archives20
14h50SkopalImpact of the ASAS-SN survey and the Moscow's photographic plates archive on the nature of the emission line star HBHA 1704-0520
15h10SimonLong-term activity of cataclysmic variables and related objects (large amplitude features)25
15h35SokolowskiDigitized photographic plate photometry with VaST software20
15h55Coffee & Posters
16h20TuvikenePyPlate: a software package for processing digitized astronomical photographic plates 25
16h45MatijevicFalse-positives detection with convolutional neural networks25
17h10Enke:The APPLAUSE archive: concept building with PyPlate20
17h30APPLAUSE teamHands-on tutorial on usage of the APPLAUSE DB60
Tuesday: 9h00-17h40
9h00ZachariasAstrometric Surveys: from photographic plates to CCDs25
9h25SoszynskiOne Million Variable Stars from the OGLE Survey25
9h50TsaprasRobotic astronomy with the Las Cumbres Observatory25
10h05Poster flash25
10h30Coffee & Posters
11h00AbrahamDragonfly (Title tbc)25
11h25BarlowThe Evryscope: Science from the First Full-Sky Gigapixel-Scale Telescope25
11h50KupferAn introduction to the Zwicky Transient Facility25
12h15RICEAn Occultation Network as a Detector of Distant Solar System Objects15
14h30EglitisAsteroids monitoring with 1.2m Baldone Schmidt (code 069) telescope.15
14h45HoppObservatorium Wendelstein – Status, Use and Future Strategy15
15h00ObermeierSurveying exoplanets across the spectrum - following the TraCS of exoplanets15
15h15RiffesserMicrolensing survey of M31 with the 2m Wendelstein telescope15
15h30Coffee & Posters
16h00PawlakPeriodic Variables in the ASAS-SN and APOGEE Surveys15
16h15BomansMCSF: the Magellanic Clouds massive Stars and their Feedback survey15
16h30SebastianSPECULOOS - On the hunt for habitable planets well-suited for atmospheric characterization15
16h45EigmuellerNewest results of the Next Generation Transit Survey (NGTS)15
17h00GuentherSpectroscopy for determing the statistics of planets in transit surveys25
17h25GeierThe Gaia catalogue of hot subluminous stars15
19h00Conference dinner
Wednesday: 9h00-18h00
9h00StrassmeierPLATO deep-field south: its input catalog from BMK10k observations25
9h25ZwintzThe BRITE-Constellation and its scientific highlights25
9h50De CatPulsating stars with TESS (title tbc)25
10h15Pelisoli:Compact binaries in the TESS era15
10h30ComparatAn eROSITA mock catalog of Active Galactic Nuclei and their large-scale structure15
10h45DupacEuclid Survey Operation15
11h00Coffee & Posters
11h30NNDiscussion section I60
14h00EngelsHamburg Quasar Survey25
14h25ReimersCosmology with objects discovered by the Hamburg Schmidt surveys25
14h50MickaelianByurakan spectroscopic surveys and their scientific discoveries25
15h15LiuThe LAMOST II medium-resolution survey25
16h10Coffee & Posters
16h35SteinmetzThe RAVE survey - Final Data Release25
17h00NNDiscussion section II60