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If you ever need help with installing or using sixte, or just want to get in touch with us, write us a mail to . In case of installing issues, please send us your installation log file and which system you are using.

In order to stay updated on new developments and bugfixes, we recommend that you subscribe to our sixte-users maillinglist. You can subscribe by filling out the form here.


Error in running SIXTE simulations

Oftentimes, when encountering errors while running a SIXTE simulation for the first time, the environment variables of SIXTE and/or SIMPUT are not set. Please refer to the installation instructions and check, if those are set correctly.

RA / Dec in simputfile vs. runsixt

The RA and Dec values in the simputfile command define the source position, while those values in the runsixt command define the position, where the telescope is pointed. If you want to do an onset pointing, set those to the same values. For offset values, adjust the runsixt RA and Dec accordingly.


NAXIS1 and NAXIS2 give the number of x- and y-pixels in the picture.
CUNIT1 and CUNIT2 are the units of CRVAL and CDELT. They should be set to deg.
CRVAL1 and CRVAL2 define the center of the map. They should in general equal the pointing direction of the simulated observation.
CRPIX1 and CRPIX2 are the point corresponding to the optical axis on the instrument and depend on the instrument being simulated.
CDELT1 and CDELT2 define the spatial resolution of the detector.