M1 (Observations)

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Image Comment
M1 False color image of the 2008/09/27 L (Clear) observation with DS9.
M1 900sec L + 3x600sec RGB observation from 2011/01/28

Date Obsever Telescope Camera Exposure Calibration Seeing / Sky / Transparency Path
2008/09/27 Lab students 60cm SBIG ST-9 1x 60sec L,
1x300sec OIII
-- -- / -- / -- /data/CCD/M1/2008-09-27.Praktikum4
2011/01/28 Fuerst, Wille 40cm SBIG STL-11000M 900sec L,
3x600sec RGB each
5x600sec DF,
1sec FF
poor / clear / average /data/CCD/M1/2011-01-28.Wille.Fuerst