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Welcome to the Wiki of the Dr. Karl Remeis Observatory

This is our new wiki. Please use the Search Remeis-Wiki box on the upper right corner to search for the page or information you are looking for. You may browse the content of the wiki using the Contents link in the menu on the left.

In order to edit or create new pages you have to log in using the same username and password than for the Remeis machines. In case you are a former or external member please choose the corresponding domain additionally. Please visit the How to page before you start editing the wiki! For trial reasons, use the sandbox.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to talk to Andrea or Jakob.

Note: You can find the old wiki at, but editing has been disabled.

New here?

You are new at Remeis? Have a look at the following pages:

How to use the Remeis cluster

Common Pratices at Remeis

Other pages listed here for general information