IGR J01583+6713

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Monitoring data: RXTE/ASM


RA 01h 58m 18.2 s Dec +67° 13' 26"
RA 29.575833 Dec +67.223889
l 129.3516 b +05.1893

Binary system

Porb= ?
Pspin=469.2 s Tentative detection by Swift (et al.(2008)]). Not detected by INTEGRAL [Wang(2010)

Optical companion

The companion star is a B2 IVe at a distance of ~4.0 kpc (Kaur et al.(2008))

E(B-V) = 1.46 mag

Main publications

  • Discovery of a magnetic neutron star in X-ray transient IGR J01583+6713 Wang(2010)
  • Multiwavelength study of the transient X-ray binary IGR J01583+6713 Kaur et al.(2008)


The 20-100 keV spectrum can be fitted by a bremsstrahlung model of kT ~ 35 keV or a power-law model of Gamma ~ 2.1. In addition, electron resonant cyclotron absorption lines were detected at ~ 35 keV and possibly at 67 keV, implying that a magnetic field of B ~ 4 × 1012 G.