X-ray astronomy

X-ray astronomy at the Dr. Karl Remeis observatory, Bamberg


Chandra,   XMM-Newton,   RXTE,   Suzaku,   INTEGRAL,   Swift,   AGILE,   Fermi
HEASARC data archive browser

Software tools for X-ray data analysis

HEASARC HEAsoft and FTools (documentation)
The Interactive Spectral Interpretation System ISIS
Calibration docs, format specifications
XSTAR (online manual)

Atomic physics

tbnew absorption model
CXC's Atomic Database
NIST Atomic Spectra Database X-ray transitions energies ground states and ionization energies Atomic Energy Level Data
(atomic physics links of Norbert Przybilla)
X-Ray Data Booklet
Periodic Table of Elements


High Energy Groove
AstroCapella (songs, background; more "The Chromatics" mp3s)