The Interactive Spectral Interpretation System (ISIS)


→  ISIS scripts collected by myself and my work group:, isisscripts.txt


ISIS documentation
S-Lang documentation (my recommendations for beginners)

further resources from Mike Nowak:
Basics of X-ray Spectra, X-ray Spectral Fitting & Error Analysis
(talks at the 2nd Summer School on Multiwavelength Astronomy, 2010 July 02 and 05)
X-ray Spectroscopy in Theory and Practice
(talk at the 1st Summer School on Multiwavelength Astronomy, 2009 July 07)
ISIS vs Xspec – Confessions of a Former Xspec User
Note: Xspec is a rivalling X-ray spectral fitting package that is commonly used, but *much* less flexible. (Here is the link to one of the Xspec-bugs we found.)

Both ISIS and S-Lang are continuously developed. In order to follow up on new features, I recommend to look at the change logfiles. In ISIS' Changes.txt and S-Lang's changes.txt, I've highlighted some features which I've asked for or which I consider especially useful.

Citing ISIS: Houck & Denicola (2000)
See also: Houck (2002), Noble (2005), Noble et al. (2006), Noble (2007), Noble (2008), Noble & Nowak (2008)