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International Astronomical Union
Commission 42


No. 71

H. Drechsel

D.R. Faulkner
T.J. Herczeg
V.G. Karetnikov
E. Lapasset
C. Maceroni
Y. Nakamura
P.G. Niarchos
R.G. Samec
C.D. Scarfe
M. Wolf

Material published by September 15, 2000

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From BCB issue no. 72 (June 2001) on, the editor-in-chief will change. I am pleased to announce that

Professor Dr. Colin D. Scarfe
will take over the responsibility for the publication of BCB.

I like to express my sincere thanks to all past and current members of the editorial team for their extensive efforts as contributing editors during the past five years. Thanks to their excellent collaboration, it was a real pleasure to compile this bibliography.

Horst Drechsel

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ALL future issues of BCB will be distributed electronically, except in rare and unusual circumstances. Would ALL those receiving this hardcopy please contact the new editor in one of three ways:

by email ( to confirm that he has your correct email address,
by fax (1-250-721-7715), or
by regular mail, to indicate in either case that you CANNOT be reached by email, giving reasons why this is true. His postal address is:
Dr. C.D. Scarfe
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Victoria
Victoria, B.C., V8W 3P6

Please note that the reasons are important; a simple statement of preference for hardcopy will be ignored and TREATED AS LACK OF ANY RESPONSE. PLEASE NOTE ALSO THAT IT WILL BE ASSUMED THAT THOSE WHO DO NOT RESPOND AT ALL DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE ANY FURTHER ISSUES OF THIS BIBLIOGRAPHY.

For those who now receive BCB electronically, no action is necessary, since the current editor will provide his successor with a full email address list. But all recipients are responsible for keeping the editor informed about future address changes; these should be sent to the new editor, starting immediately.

The bibliographical entries for Individual Stars and Collections of Data are categorized according to the following coding scheme:

Observational data
a. Photometry
b. Spectroscopy
c. Spectrophotometry
d. Polarimetry
e. Astrometry, interferometry
f. Times of minima
g. $\gamma$-ray data
i. Infrared data
o. Optical data
p. Photographic data
r. Radio data
u. Ultraviolet data
v. Visual estimates
x. X-ray data
Derived physical data
a. Orbital elements
b. Absolute dimensions, masses
c. New or improved ephemeris, period variations
d. Apsidal motion
e. Physical properties of stellar atmospheres
f. Chemical abundances
g. Accretion disks and accretion phenomena

Catalogues, discoveries, charts
a. Catalogues
b. Discoveries of new binaries and novae
c. Identification of optical counterparts of X-ray, IR, or radio sources
d. Finding charts

Observational techniques
Theoretical investigations
Statistical investigations
a. Abstract
b. Addenda or errata

AD accretion disk HMXB high-mass X-ray binary QPO quasi-periodic oscillation
BH black hole IP intermediate polar RV radial velocity
CB close binary LC light curve SB spectroscopic binary
CV cataclysmic variable LMXB low-mass X-ray binary WD white dwarf
EB eclipsing binary NS neutron star WR Wolf-Rayet star

Several entries of this issue use the abbreviation:
OAP -- Odessa Astronomical Publications (issue of the Odessa Astronomical Observatory of the Odessa State University, Ukraine), Astroprint Publishing Company, Ukraine

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Horst Drechsel