Green's function tables

We provide tables containing the response of a medium due to cyclotron scattering. These Green's function tables result from the the Monte Carlo simulation of CRSF line forming regions and can be used to imprint synthetic cyclotron lines to arbitrary input continua. The tables and the corresponding XSPEC model are described in detail by Schwarm et al. 2016b. They can be downloaded individually using the links provided in the list of tables below.

List of available tables

Name Geometry Optical depth [tau_Th] Magnetic field [B_crit] Temperature [keV] Size [MB] Compressed [MB] Checksum (MD5) Download
sl10_tau1E-4-3E-3B0.01-0.12T3-15.fits slab 1-0 1E-4 - 3E-3 0.01 - 0.12 3 - 15 261 1.8 bab5a5b0ecd9569c937b7b2d93ff29cb Download
cy_tau1E-4-3E-3B0.01-0.12T3-15.fits cylinder 1E-4 - 3E-3 0.01 - 0.12 3 - 15 261 2.2 ef2b179bb1b1ea82c0b418bde9e4ad2d Download