Victoria Grinberg



Victoria Grinberg

Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA

student researchers supervised

  • 3/2015-today: Sarah Melvin, MIT UROP - Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
    Deciphering the variability of the black hole binary LMC X-1
  • 4/2014-today: Nico Wunderling
    spectral evolution of the black hole binary GX 339-4 as seen with RXTE
  • 1/2012-12/2013: Alexander Popp
    near real time analysis of INTEGRAL observations of black hole low mass X-ray binaries
  • 6/2011-8/2011: Macarena Sagredo, DAAD Rise ( Research Internships in Science and Engineering) program
    X-ray Timing Analysis of Black Holes with INTEGRAL/IBIS

thesis projects supervised

  • Nico Wunderling: "GX339-4: Spectral investigation of a black hole binary" (PDF) (summer 2014, bachelor thesis)
  • Alexander Popp: "INTEGRAL Observations of the 2010 Cygnus X-1 Soft State" (PDF) (summer 2011, bachelor thesis)


  • Introduction to Astronomy II (bachelor level, summer term 2013)
    filling in for Prof. Dr. J. Wilms
    I taught lectures on cosmology and the Big Bang with an audience of about 100-120 mainly physics students

  • Radiation Processes in Astrophysics (master's level, winter term 2012/2013)
    teaching assistant, with Prof. Dr. J. Wilms
    I taught the tutorials and assisted with curriculum development for the lecture, especially with the development of the integrated tutorials, and with examination (about 10 oral exams of half an hour each).

  • Galaxies and Cosmology (advanced bachelor level, winter term 2010/2011)
    teaching assistant, with Prof. Dr. J. Wilms and Dr. Matthias Kadler
    I taught and supervised the tutorials, especially I co-developed and evaluated mock observation proposals and peer review panels as a novel part of the tutorials. I also gave an introduction to peer review and astronomical archives for students.

(See also undergraduate-focussed talks)


  • Undergraduate astronomy lab (2009-2013; 80 to 120 students take the lab each year)
    I was responsible for the lab experiment on CCD detectors and managed the team running the experiment: I gave introductory lectures on CCDs, taught the lab together with my team, and evaluated student reports. Besides, I gave lectures on scientific writing and citation practice as a part of the general undergraduate astronomy lab introduction.


  • JGW summer school (Schülerakademie) 2012: From a gas cloud to black hole - of life and death of stars
    a 10-day intensive course on stellar evolution for gifted students in the last two school years
    Together with D.~Huppenkothen (UVA, Amsterdam) developed a detailed curriculum (~30 hours) for students without a background in astrophysics that included, among others, hand-ons sessions with data from Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra and and introduction to mathematical methods in physics. I supervised a group of 16 15-19-year old student for 10 days during the summer school as well as in weeks before and after the summer school during the preparations of the talks and the follow-up reports.