Victoria Grinberg



Victoria Grinberg

Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA


  • MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research Postdoctoral Symposium 2014, 2014
    Annual event featuring MKI-postdocs presenting their past, present, and/or future research
    Symposium organizers: Steven Ehlert, Victoria Grinberg, and Robert Penna

  • Remeis Observatory Literature Club, 2010-2013
    a weekly series of short talks with 24 h preparation time based on recent high impact paper from a field that the speakers is not working in
    • organisation of the talks • pre-selection of topics • feedback for the speakers

  • Website aministrator, (European Initial Training Network), 2009-2010


  • Women's representative, Department of Physics, Friendrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, 2012-2013
    • member of hiring comissions for professorships • member of women's representatives board

youth/prospective students

  • Career choice seminars & individual counseling, Studiencompass e.V. (volunteering for NGO), 2010-2013
    work with grammar school students with non-academic or difficult social background from various cities in Southern Germany

  • JGW summer school (Schülerakademie) 2012: From a gas cloud to black hole - of life and death of stars
    a 10-day intensive course on stellar evolution for gifted students in the last two school years
    Together with D.~Huppenkothen (UVA, Amsterdam) developed a detailed curriculum (~30 hours) for students without a background in astrophysics that included, among others, hand-ons sessions with data from Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra and and introduction to mathematical methods in physics. I supervised a group of 16 15-19-year old student for 10 days during the summer school as well as in weeks before and after the summer school during the preparations of the talks and the follow-up reports.

(See also undergraduate-focussed talks)

general public

  • Board member, "Friends of the Remeis Observatory society", Bamberg, Germany, 2011-2013
    • official establishment of the society • organisation of public outreach events • membership promotion • preservation of the historic collection

  • Lecturer, Volkshochschule (roughly: community collage), Bamberg, Germany, spring term 2011, winter term 2012/2013
    developed the curriculum for and repeteadly held a 6-lecture-course on advanced astronomy topics (black holes, supernovae, cosmology, exoplanets, grand telescopes) for general public

  • Open Day Remeis Observatory, three public talks 30 min each on "The life and death of stars", 2010