Living Our Environment

As astrophysicists we see our planet from a unique perspective. Earth and its biospshere certainly are gifts to us humans and any life on Earth. It fulfills me with joy to climb mountains and rocks with my own hands and feet, while crossing a manifold of witnesses of that gift. Below, I share a few of the most meaningful moments I experienced.
While being out in nature, I also witness rapid changes to the climate and biosphere. I see it as my responsibility as a scientist to take action and discuss climate change and sustainability during my science-communication activities. I am also a big fan of projects like those organized by the "Bergwaldprojekt e.V.". These projects rely on the power of participation. And it works. By going to the woods, working under the supervision of foresters and scientists, one can become part of the solution. By doing so, one understands and experiences the effects of the changing climate.


Pasterzen-Glacier, reaching for the summit of Johannisberg

Credit: T. Beuchert


Mountains around Bodø, Norway

Credit: T. Feldker


Jotunheimen National Park, Norway

J. Holtz

More Mountains

After climbing the Habicht north face, Stubai Alps

Arts and Illumination

My mother, Hermia Szabó-Beuchert (1954-2005), studied arts and sculpting in Budapest. She mainly worked as an artist in Erlangen, Germany. Her heritage comprises around two thousand art pieces including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and goldsmith's art. During later years, she started collaborations to illuminate parks and buildings with her artwork. I am now taking care of her heritage and am working on making her artwork accessible again. Stay tuned and check out some samples below.

Copyright: Treppenhausgalerie Roger Beuchert
Copyright: Treppenhausgalerie Roger Beuchert
Copyright: Treppenhausgalerie Roger Beuchert
Copyright: Treppenhausgalerie Roger Beuchert
“When you reach what you think is the peak of a mountain, there is always another peak to follow.” (Saying)
Image credit: DESY, Science Communication Lab