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This is the DokuWiki of the Dr. Karl Remeis observatory.

If you want to play around and test the wiki syntax, please feel free to do so in the Sandbox.

If you want to share internal Remeis information, please follow the link to the internal area of the wiki, which can only be seen by users who are logged in. In order to get an account, write a mail to

Common Practices at Remeis


If you have an account at the Remeis Observatory, please read the HowTo first in order to learn how to work on the Remeis Cluster.

Accreting X-ray pulsars

This section contains a rather extensive (and hopefully soon complete) table of accreting X-ray pulsars.

The list should help to quickly find information on a specific source or a set of sources and also help to find similarities between different sources. The overview table provides information about the position (in galactic coordinates), the orbital period and the spin period (provided those are known and the source is a puslar), the classification of the system (as HMXB, LMXB, etc) and the energy of any known cyclotron lines. The individual source pages then contain a lot of detailed information which is different for every source, depending on availability and type of the source. Specific tables for the cyclotron line sources and symbiotic X-ray binaries are also present.

<ifauth @issi>In the future, A table with submitted/accepted/successful proposals will be added</ifauth>

HEAD Meeting 2016

Presentations of the special session “TeraGauss, Gigatons, and MegaKelvin: Theory and observations of accretion column physics” at the 15th HEAD Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, held April 3-7, 2016, in Naples, Florida, USA. The session took place on April 5 and was organized by Dr. R. E. Rothschild (CASS-UCSD).

Atomic Physics Q&A

Interesting (short) questions and answers about basic atomic physics and high-resolution spectroscopy can be found in the Atomic Physics Q&A of the wiki. While this is work in progress, you need to be logged in to read, ask, answer, or comment questions.


Further information

The Dr. Karl Remeis-Observatory

The DKRO is part of the Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics (ECAP). In the “Intern” section of that website you'll find a lot of interesting things, among them the official ECAP logo. However, it's “lightrays” are not all transparent, so if you put it in front of a non-white background it will look strange. A better version (as ps-file) can be downloaded here:

Guided Tours

(this section was moved to the internal area)


Important events can be found here. This includes events at the institute and also events which could be interesting for members of the institute, such as conferences.

IRC Chat

We can be found at channel #remeis.
A short introduction for all members of remeis can be found here.
Alternatively you can use and join the channel #remeis.
If you like using the Remeis IRC Chat, you might read the Advanced IRC Chat Guide to never miss messages or set up joining at KDE startup.

Literature Club

We hold a weekly Literature Club Tuesday's at 11:30, presenting recent publications with a large impact, mainly not from our specialized topics. Look at the list of topics of the Literature Club and the respective presentations.

Remeis Hotel Recommendations

You can find here an (internal) list of hotel recommendations for the places that are often visited by Remeis people.

Recent papers

Here is a list of recent interesting papers. This page is new and needs more input. A recommended page for checking recent papers is the arXiver blog:

English checklist

We have started an English checklist that is useful for you to go through before sending a paper draft or a thesis draft to others.

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