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Dr. Roberto Raddi

  • Organisation: Department Physik
  • Abteilung: Dr.Karl-Remeis-Sternwarte Bamberg - Astronomisches Institut
  • Telefonnummer: +49 951 95222 16
  • Faxnummer: +49 951 95222 22
  • E-Mail:
  • Adresse:
    Sternwartstraße 7
    96049 Bamberg
    Raum 1.105

I am a post-doctoral research assistant (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter). Before coming to Bamberg, I worked at the University of Warwick. I studied for my PhD at the University of Hertfordshire, and for my MSc at the University of Naples “Federico II” and the INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte.

My research interests are in stellar populations (from the main sequence to the latest stages of stellar evolution, i.e. white dwarfs), interstellar medium, Galactic structure, and hyper-velocity and run-away stars. I work with large samples of ground-based and space-borne, photometric and spectroscopic data. I have several years of observing experience at a range of telescopes and observatories (Canary Islands, Chile, Hawai’i, Italy).

I am member of the science team for the new multi-fiber optical spectrograph WEAVE, which will be mounted on the William Herschel Telescope. I am also member of the European GAlactic Plane Surveys (EGAPS) consortium, which includes IPHAS and UVEX and VPHAS+.

I am fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society

My publications can be found on ADS or at the following links:


Recent press coverage by the NewScientist, and the Scientific American , on a new class of runaway stars that survive peculiar supernova explosions. Our work, submitted to MNRAS, can be found on ArXiv in pre-print.