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Collections of data

Aksu, O. et al. (19 authors) 2005, IBVS 5588. (5a) Photoelectric minima of some EBs, 24 minima of 18 EBs: V363 And, HV Aqr, AR Aur, AC Boo, CK Boo, WY Cnc, MR Cyg, V687 Cyg, V2150 Cyg, AK Her, V948 Her, SW Lac, UZ Leo, V508 Oph, V839 Oph, V781 Tau, AH Vir, DR Vul.

Baskill, D.S., Wheatley, P.J., Osborne, J.P. 2005, MNRAS 357, 626. (1ax, 5bgih) ASCA X-ray observations of 29 non-magnetic CVs:V 603 Aql, TT Ari, KR Aur, CR Boo, Z Cam, OY Car, HT Cas, V436 Cen, WW Cet, AL Com, GO Com, GP Com, EY Cyg, SS Cyg, U Gem, VW Hyi, T Leo, BK Lyn, V426 Oph, V345 Pav, LS Peg, RU Peg, KT Per, CP Pup, WZ Sge, EI UMa, CU Vel, IX Vel.

Blättler, E., Diethelm, R. 2004, IBVS 5564. (1a, 5ab) CCD LC of ROTSE1 Variables, XXIII: GSC 3510:5 Her, GSC 3097:1297 Her, GSC 3101:547 Her and GSC 3106:1368 Her.

Borkovits, T. et al. (8 authors) 2004, IBVS 5579. (5a) New Times of Minima of EBs: RT And, AB And, GZ And, HP Aur, IM Aur, IU Aur, SV Cam, VW Cep, AQ Com, DK Cyg, MR Cyg, LS Del, AK Her, V994 Her, SW Lac, U Peg, AU Ser, EQ Tau, DW UMa, LP UMa.

Carney, B.W., Latham, D.W., Laird, J.B. 2005, AJ 129, 466. (2a, 5cj) RVs and orbits for metal-poor field blue stragglers suggest mass loss in the past: HD 8554, HD 109443, HD 135449, BD +23$^{\circ}$.

Carquillat, J.-M., Prieur, J.-L., Udry, S. 2005, Astron. Nachr. 326, 31. (2ao, 5dk): HD 54901, HD 120544, HD 123280.

Caton, D.B., Smith, A.B. 2005, IBVS 5595. (5a) Times of minimum light of neglected EBs V805 Aql, BW Boo, RS CVn, CV CMa, CC Cas, LX Cas, V442 Cas, CO Cep, TV Cet, DX Cyg, MY Cyg, V456 Cyg, V490 Cyg, V498 Cyg, V548 Cyg, V873 Cyg, V886 Cyg, V974 Cyg, BF Dra, V359 Her, VW Hya, MZ Lac, V345 Lac, BM Mon, HI Mon, V451 Oph, GG Ori, V1016 Ori, ER Sct, MN Vul.

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Dvorak, S.W. 2005, IBVS 5603. (5a) Times of minima for neglected EBs in 2004: AP And, EX And, V417 Aql, HU Aur, KO Aur, V410 Aur, CR CMa, TX CMi, AC Cnc, TX Cnc, EG Cas, MT Cas, QQ Cas, V471 Cas, V480 Cas, EE Cet, RS Col, EK Com, SX Crv, NU Cyg, V700 Cyg, V704 Cyg, V706 Cyg, V711 Cyg, V726 Cyg, V963 Cyg, CM Dra, GM Dra, ZZ Eri, W For, FT Gem, KQ Gem, KL Her, V502 Her, V731 Her, V732 Her, V829 Her, V842 Her, V899 Her, V921 Her, EU Hya, AG Lac, HX Lac, NR Lac, OO Lac, BL Leo, EX Leo, RW Leo, VZ Leo, VW LMi, V Lep, RR Lep, TZ Lyr, V404 Lyr, V411 Lyr, BB Mon, GH Mon, HM Mon, MX Mon, V396 Mon, V460 Mon, V494 Mon, V514 Mon, V981 Oph, V1363 Ori, V640 Ori, V641 Ori, V647 Ori, FL Peg, V357 Peg, II Per, DZ Psc, BR Pup, V3794 Sgr, OU Ser, VY Sex, V781 Tau, V1123 Tau, VZ Tri, BI Vul, BM UMa, BS UMa, HN UMa, HX UMa, KM UMa, UY UMa, CG Vir, HW Vir, HW Vir, HW Vir, VV Vir, KN Vul.

Edge, W.R.T. et al. (7 authors) 2004, MNRAS 353, 1286. (1ax, 6bc) Detection and determination of periods of new x-ray pulsars: SMC X-3, RX J0050.8$-$7316, XTE J0052$-$725, CXOU J005323.8$-$722715, CXOU J005455.6$-$724510, CXOU J005527.9$-$721058, CXOU J005736.2$-$721934.

Gazeas, K.D. et al. (11 authors) 2005, Acta Astronomica 55, 123. (1ab, 5bcd) Physical parameters of components in CB: V417 Aql, AH Aur, EF Boo, YY CrB, GM Dra, UX Eri, SW Lac, DZ Psc, GR Vir, NN Vir.

Griffin, R.F. 2004, Observatory 124, 371. (2a, 5d) RVs and spectroscopic orbits: HD 109118, HD 112138, HD 112445, HD 114941. Slow variation of systemic velocity in HD 112445.

Griffin, R.F. 2004, Observatory 124, 429. (2a, 5d) RVs and spectroscopic orbits: HD 108547, HD 113093, HD 113393, HD 113638.

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Homer, L. et al. (10 authors) 2005, ApJ 620, 929. (1ox, 2ox) Follow-up on SDSS Polars: SDSS J072910.68+365838.3, SDSS J075240.45+362823.2, SDSS J170053.30+400357.6.

Jenkins, L.P. et al. (5 authors) 2005, MNRAS 357, 401. (1ax, 5g, 6b) Detection of 62 x-ray binaries in M101.

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Keyes, C.D., Preblich, B. 2004, AJ 128, 2981. (1b, 2b) Spectral classifications from eight-colour photometry for cool components of symbiotic systems: EG And, T CrB, BF Cyg, CI Cyg, AG Dra, V443 Her, RW Hya, AG Peg, AX Per, FN Sgr, S149.

Krajci, T. 2005, IBVS 5592. (5a) Photoelectric minima of some EBs: RT And, UU And, AA And, AB And, BX And, DS And, GZ And, DD Aqr, SS Ari, EM Aur, LY Aur, MU Aur, V410 Aur, TU Boo, TX Boo, XY Boo, AR Boo, EF Boo, FI Boo, GS Boo, AO Cam, XZ Cnc, AH Cnc, EV Cnc, RV CVn, BI CVn, DK CVn, DM CVn, TY CMi, TV Cas, TW Cas, BH Cas, BS Cas, CW Cas, V364 Cas, V389 Cas, V523 Cas, V776 Cas, V860 Cas, GS Cep, GW Cep, IP Cep, NS Cep, SS Com, AQ Com, CN Com, DD Com, EK Com, EQ Com, KR Com, TU CrB, CG Cyg, V345 Cyg, V401 Cyg, V753 Cyg, V859 Cyg, V1004 Cyg, V2287 Cyg, V2290 Cyg, RZ Dra, BH Dra, BV Dra, BW Dra, LQ Dra, WW Gem, AL Gem, DG Gem, GP Gem, QW Gem, V687 Her, V731 Her, V878 Her, V921 Her, V1024 Her, V1034 Her, V1042 Her, V1050 Her, V1065 Her, FG Hya, SW Lac, VX Lac, CO Lac, BL Leo, BV Leo, BW Leo, CE Leo, ET Leo, EX Leo, FS Leo, UU Lyn, CC Lyn, CD Lyn, DF Lyr, IP Lyr, NY Lyr, QU Lyr, V531 Lyr, V576 Lyr, V582 Lyr, V396 Mon, V442 Mon, V448 Mon, V450 Mon, V528 Mon, V2357 Oph, V2553 Oph, FZ Ori, GU Ori, V343 Ori, U Peg, BX Peg, DI Peg, DP Peg, KW Peg, IU Per, V432 Per, LX Ser, OU Ser, Y Sex, CR Tau, EQ Tau, HU Tau, V781 Tau, V1154 Tau, RV Tri, TY UMa, XY UMa, AW UMa, BM UMa, BQ UMa, HN UMa, HX UMa, II UMa, LO UMa, RZ UMi, DY Vir, HT Vir, KZ Vir, NN Vir, BO Vul, NSV 24968.

Lacy, C.H.S. 2004, IBVS 5577. (1a, 5a) New Times of Minima of Some EBs: AP And, CO And, CG Aur, HP Aur, TX Boo, V381 Cas, V389 Cas, V459 Cas, V651 Cas, IO Cep, V456 Cyg, V974 Cyg, V1061 Cyg, LV Her, RW Lac, UX Leo, SX Oph, V506 Oph, FO Ori, V530 Ori, V648 Ori, IM Per V482 Per, AQ Ser, BI Ser, BP Vul.

Liller, W., Shida, R.Y., Jones, A.F. 2004, IBVS 5582. (1a) LCs for recent Magellanic Clouds novae: Nova LMC 1990a, Nova LMC 1990b, Nova LMC 1992, Nova LMC 1995, Nova LMC 2000, Nova LMC 2002, Nova LMC 2003, Nova SMC 2001, Nova SMC 2002.

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Nelson, R.H. 2005, IBVS 5602. (5a) CCD minima for selected EBs in 2004: BF Aur, V776 Cas, SU Cep, EG Cep, XZ CMi, RW Com, EK Com, BI CVn, V628 Cyg, V700 Cyg, V859 Cyg, V1130 Cyg, EX Del, AR Dra, CV Dra, YY Eri, SX Gem, AV Gem, QW Gem, SZ Her, AK Her, V502 Her, V742 Her, V842 Her, V878 Her, V921 Her, V342 Lac, Y Leo, VZ Leo, AP Leo, BL Leo, CE Leo, RT LMi, RZ Lyn, DF Lyr, MZ Lyr, V0404 Lyr, IX Mon, V2357 Oph, V0647 Ori, IM Per, AS Ser, CX Ser, V1123 Tau, XZ UMa, TW UMa, AA UMa, II UMa, GI Vul, KN Vul, NO Vul.

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Otero, S.A., Wils, P., Dubovsky, P.A. 2005, IBVS 5586. (5b) New elements for 80 EBs V.: DT Cam, CX CVn, V2148 Cyg, OW Hya, V340 Hya, LX Mus, DD Oct, BX Psc, V343 Sge, V726 Sco, V1129 Tau, NSV 00049, NSV 00381, NSV 00583, NSV 00587, NSV 01009, NSV 01085, NSV 01180, NSV 01447, NSV 01916, NSV 02432, NSV 02591, NSV 02621, NSV 02951, NSV 03008, NSV 03186, NSV 03844, NSV 04029, NSV 04050, NSV 04069, NSV 04083, NSV 04207, NSV 04546, NSV 04572, NSV 05233, NSV 05644, NSV 05756, NSV 06722, NSV 06842, NSV 07446, NSV 08493, NSV 10858, NSV 11075, NSV 11335, NSV 11359, NSV 11822, NSV 12263, NSV 12945, NSV 13506, NSV 13635, NSV 13637, NSV 13638, NSV 13695, NSV 14062, NSV 14110, NSV 14241, NSV 14327, NSV 14332, NSV 14500, NSV 15024, NSV 16225, NSV 16352, NSV 17227, NSV 17353, NSV 17646, NSV 17878, NSV 18149, NSV 18470, NSV 18601, NSV 19345, NSV 20276, NSV 20546, NSV 20599, NSV 24021, NSV 24229, NSV 25285, NSV 25486, NSV 25517, NSV 25632, NSV 25859.

Porowski, C.H. 2005, IBVS 5606. (5a) Some photoelectric minima of EBs: V376 And, DV Boo, EE Cet, V899 Her, VW LMi, IZ Per, II UMa, TV UMi, HT Vir.

Retter, A., Richards, M.T., Wu, K. 2005, ApJ 621, 417. (1, 2r*) Radio observations identifying superhumps and a new model of the magnetic field in an Algol system: Cool star-hot star disk interactions; $\beta$ Lyr, $\delta$ Lib, V411 Tau and UX Ari.

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Tappert, C., Augusteijn, T., Maza, J. 2004, MNRAS 354, 321. (1ao, 2bc, 5abcde) Detection and period determination of new CVs: CTCV J0549$-$4921, CTCV J1300$-$3052, CTCV J1928$-$5001, CTCV J2005$-$2934, CTCV J2315$-$3048, CTCV J2354$-$4700.

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Zejda, M. 2004, IBVS 5583. (5a) CCD times of minima of selected EBs, 682 minima observations of 259 EBs: AB And, DO And, FK And, GZ And, LM And, LO And, LT Aql, V407 Aql, V415 Aql, V479 Aql, V737 Aql, V760 Aql, V761 Aql, V770 Aql, V784 Aql, V917 Aql, V919 Aql, V1168 Aql, V1341 Aql, BF Aur, II Aur, IZ Aur, LV Aur, MO Aur, V523 Aur, SU Boo, TU Boo, ZZ Boo, AC Boo, AQ Boo, AR Boo, EF Boo, FY Boo, 44 Boo, AZ Cam, WX Cnc, AO Cnc, EH Cnc, GQ Cnc, CI CVn, R CMa, FZ CMa, TU CMi, TX CMi, XZ CMi, YY CMi, BF CMi, AL Cas, GH Cas, IR Cas, MR Cas, MT Cas, NT Cas, NV Cas, V336 Cas, V360 Cas, V380 Cas, V473 Cas, V523 Cas, V651 Cas, SU Cep, WX Cep, XX Cep, XY Cep, AI Cep, CM Cep, EK Cep, GI Cep, IW Cep, IW Cep, LP Cep, MT Cep, OT Cep, V338 Cep, V357 Cep, V358 Cep, GSC 4273-1306, GSC 4288-0186, XY Cet, RW Com, RZ Com, CC Com, CN Com, EK Com, EQ Com, LL Com, RW CrB, TU CrB, TW CrB, W Crv, EE Cyg, GV Cyg, LN Cyg, QS Cyg, QU Cyg, QX Cyg, V388 Cyg, V442 Cyg, V680 Cyg, V689 Cyg, V711 Cyg, V822 Cyg, V836 Cyg, V869 Cyg, V907 Cyg, V947 Cyg, V961 Cyg, V965 Cyg, V1414 Cyg, V1723 Cyg, V1787 Cyg, V1856 Cyg, V1908 Cyg, V2239 Cyg, V2240 Cyg, V2280 Cyg, V2284 Cyg, GSC 2685.1186, AV Del, BH Del, TW Dra, FU Dra, KZ Dra, YY Eri, TX Gem, AY Gem, BT Gem, CK Gem, EL Gem, FG Gem, FO Gem, FT Gem, KQ Gem, KV Gem, V412 Her, V643 Her, V719 Her, V789 Her, V1005 Her, CU Hya, EU Hya, V390 Hya, VY Lac, AR Lac, AU Lac, CF Lac, NS Lac, PP Lac, V339 Lac, V344 Lac, Y Leo, RW Leo, UV Leo, UX Leo, BL Leo, BW Leo, CE Leo, T LMi, Z Lep, RR Lep, RV Lyn, SW Lyn, MZ Lyr, PY Lyr, V336 Lyr, V361 Lyr, V400 Lyr, V412 Lyr, V417 Lyr, V429 Lyr, V431 Lyr, V477 Lyr, RW Mon, VX Mon, AO Mon, AT Mon, BB Mon, BZ Mon, CK Mon, HM Mon, HT Mon, IZ Mon, MX Mon, V396 Mon, V453 Mon, V455 Mon, V524 Mon, V527 Mon, V528 Mon, V532 Mon, V681 Mon, U Oph, V501 Oph, V941 Oph, V981 Oph, EF Ori, ER Ori, ET Ori, FF Ori, FH Ori, FR Ori, FZ Ori, FZ Ori, GU Ori, OS Ori, QV Ori, V641 Ori, V644 Ori, V645 Ori, V667 Ori, BO Peg, BX Peg, CE Peg, DK Peg, EU Peg, GP Peg, KW Peg, GSC 1129-1457, WY Per, FW Per, II Per, PS Per, QT Per, V432 Per, V457 Per, V482 Per, UV Psc, EI Sge, XY Sct, DK Sct, FG Sct, BU Ser, LX Ser, Y Sex, AH Tau, AP Tau, EN Tau, IV Tau, X Tri, RS Tri, RV Tri, RW Tri, ST Tri, GSC 2336-0281, IW UMa, VV Vir, AZ Vir, BF Vir, DM Vir, DY Vir, HT Vir, VY Vul, BP Vul, DR Vul, FF Vul, FM Vul, FR Vul, FW Vul, GI Vul, GP Vul, NO Vul.

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Zimmerman, E.R. et al. (4 authors) 2005, ApJ 618, 832. (1x*) Fitting spectra of thin accretion disks with and without zero-torque inner body condition: 4U 1543$-$47, XTE J1550$-$564, GRO J1655$-$40.

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