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Proceedings of Conferences, Symposia, and Monographs

Cool stars, stellar systems, and the Sun
Pallavicini, R., Dupree, A.K. (eds.)
1996, ASP Conf. Ser. Vol. 109
(contains a chapter on active binaries.)

Dynamical evolution of star clusters - confrontation of theory and observations
Hut, P., Makino, J. (eds.)
1996, IAU Symp. No. 174
(contains some articles on binaries.)

Third Compton Symposium -
Results of Compton Gamma Ray Observatory

Grewing, M., Kanbach, G., Schoenfelder, V. (eds.)
1996, A&AS 120, No. 4 (special issue)
(contains many contributions dealing with X-ray binaries.)

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