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Collections of data

Benkö, J.M. 1995, IBVS 4271. (1a): SY And, UU Cnc, RX Gem, HD 37453, HD 43246.

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Downes, R.A. et al. (4 authors) 1995, AJ 110, 1824. (1b): Spectra of objects in CV catalog of Downes and Shara confirm that OR And, HL Aqr, AM Cas, V592 Cas, Q Cyg, V751 Cyg, ES Dra and FY Vul are CV's, but that V1289 Aql, IR Lyr, and GM Sgr are not, and that V1101 Aql, V747 Cyg, FY Per and V4019 Sgr are uncertain.

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Zakirov, M.M., Arzumanyants, G.C. 1995, IBVS 4280. (1a) EBs in the open cluster IC 4665: HD 161261, HD 161603, HD 161660, HD 161698, HD 162028.

Zwitter, T., Munari, U. 1995, A&AS 114, 575. CCD spectrophotometry of CVs. II. 3300-9150 Å atlas for 25 faint systems.

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