I am a PhD student at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg,
at the Dr. Remeis Observatory in Bamberg.

I'm interested in AGN and blazars, studying broadband spectra, as well as variability. Another research interest are neutrinos and whether the IceCube neutrinos can be explained by blazars. My second research topic are supernovae type Ia, and whether it is possible to distinguish between explosion models. For this purpose I have performed X-ray simulations.

For more on my research please visit this page. My publications can be found here and a summary of my CV here.

Felicia Krauß
Dr. Remeis–Observatory
Sternwartstraße 7
96049 Bamberg

Phone: +49-951-95222-30
E-Mail: Felicia.Krauss.at.fau.de